Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The perfect home

Ever wanted to buy a house? Well, let me tell you it takes a lot of patience.. You would need to choose the house that fits your budget, then the location, the size, is it facing the direction of the morning sun or the evening sun? What is built or will be built in front of your house? Is there a junction? Can the driveway fit 2 cars? Where is the nearest mosque? How far is it from the place you work to the house in case of emergencies? Are there any good schools? Is it accessible from many highways or main roads? Is your apouse going to agree with your thoughts on the locality or condition of the house? Should you buy another house with the same size but much more expensive?

As a mother-to-be my main concern is the distance to the house in of emergencies, the distance from the school that we'll be sending our child too, are there hospitals and grocecry stores near by for those "emergency" times? Isn't this important to the "fathers" out there?

What is the MAIN deciding factor? I cant seem to find it now.. It's frustrating because when you finally figure it out, the houses are gone.  Then we have to go through the whole process again.. Aaarrgghh.. all these questions and all the answers might or might not be available and yet it's difficult to decide even when there are 2 heads thinking about it..


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