Thursday, February 08, 2007

University Hospital

Today I took Mummy to UH.

Here are some anecdotes:

No. 1
As expected there was the long wait to get a nurse to screen your problem, another wait to see a doctor, then a long wait to get another appointment to see the doctor you just met and yet another long wait to wrap up the whole session and get a diagnosis.

Then there was another wait to get medication from the pharmacy... only to find out that the prescriptions were not available and they would need to be bought outside..

Test after test after test.. lama tu tunggu..

I suppose you can't have a cake and eat it too..

If you get free services, then you'd have to wait.. If you want fast and personal services you'd have to pay a bomb..

Lesson learnt: Take care of your health so that InsyaAllah we dont have to sit waiting for treatment..

No. 2

Hospitals always brings out the fear and repentant feeling in me. It always makes me realize how lucky and blessed I really am despite the ups and downs we face daily. (Lesson 2)

There were 2 babies, both barely 2 months.. In fact 1 was probably a premie. He had to have eyedrops be put into his eyes so that the doctors could check him. It made me want to cry.

I cannot imagine having to put Syakirah through the ordeal. Everytime one of the babies cried, I cried too.


...Ya Allah, please sembuhkan penyakit all the grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and especially the little babies and children as well as my mum.. Syukur Alhamdulillah for my family's health...


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