Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A tale of a special ring and a marriage proposal

8 years ago on 15 November 2001, my dear Zairul proposed to me.

He told me to dress up that day and took me out for fine dining at an Italian Restaurant at Hotel Istana (the restaurant doesn't exist anymore, I think). He told me it was to celebrate 10 months of our exciting relationship.

I was so excited at this once in a lifetime experience. I actually went all the way to doing my hair and dressing up in a dress!!

My friends knew Zairul was up to something but I didn't want to get all excited, just in case it didn't happen. I just wanted to have a great dinner with Zairul.

But it did. Zairul presented me with my dream ring. I had dreamt of getting one for myself way back when I was at Uni in Melbourne. I even cut out a newspaper page which had a picture of this special ring. Somehow fate had it that the very ring I had always wanted was presented to me when Zairul proposed.

I was stunned and shocked. How did he know which ring I wanted? I couldn't even say yes, I was just double checking the ring to make myself believe that it was THE ring!

Sadly my time with the ring was short-lived. It was stolen 1 week before my wedding, on CNY eve of 2002.

As I look back and remember that particular day when the ring was taken from us, I don't feel as sad now as I felt then but I guess its because its not the ring that matters today. But Zairul's love and commitment to me that has made me feel so blessed and happy today .. With or without the ring.. heheh ..

P.s Thank you for the beautiful memory of the ring, the restaurant and best of all asking me to marry you.. I love you Sayang..


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nie mcm *hint* *hint* ajer..haha

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