Monday, August 13, 2007

Almost ONE..

As we count down to the country's 50th Birthday, Zairul and I are excited and nervous that our baby will be turning ONE on the same day..

We still want Syakirah to be a baby forever but we also cant wait till she grows up so that we can show her things and take her places..

She's trying to walk and talk and still needs a little encouraging to do it.. but there's no rush.. she's still our little baby..

Here she is in her first Timberlands...

Going swimming..

Refusing to play with the walker..

At the club, after being fed nasi impit and satay..


To Tok Zubir, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. May Allah keep blessing you with health and happiness always..


Anonymous elviza said...

Dear Ina,

Eh, sorry lah, ter "nak" tinggal comment pulak hari ni.. biasanya kita baca jer.. he he he!

Cute nya Shaky... I love the timberland. Hmmmm, countdown to her bday is looming near, are you all excited? I would be!

Don't forget to invite Luke okay Shaky? He's a sucker for companion these days. Hugs and kisses for you dear...

13 August 2007 at 12:39:00 GMT+8  

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