Monday, September 27, 2010

Jakarta Blast

Sheila cancelled her Jakarta concert.. bummer.. BUT it was actually a blessing in disguise..

The trip to Jakarta, minus Sheila's concert AND Kiki's concert, turned out to be a reunion of sorts.. a fantastic time-out, short and sweet, full of pornographic conversations, eye winking to young cute immigration officers, short bouts of "kalutness", short dramas, mouthwatering Indonesian food, near death experiences during Jakarta jams, lovely music.. but most of all laughing and talking for 72hours non-stop.

I am truly blessed to be friends with these people, Malaysian and Indonesian .. Friends who can laugh and cry with you. Friends who let you go "top-down" without judging you, friends who love you even if you pick off someone else's food, friends who go out of their way to make us comfortable, friends who feel bad for not turning up, or having to leave early, friends who you can share past and present memories and plan future memories together.

I hope Allah blesses our friendship always. Let us grow old together. Let our kids be the greatest friends too. Let us all be able to be there to support one another during times of happiness and in times of need.

The one thing I can think of during this trip was how blessed I am to have met and have these people in my life, Alhamdulillah.

Thanks Shima for a life-long friendship.

Thanks Lin & Shereen for giving me a good laugh, and owh how our minds think alike in ALL the "wrong" directions.. Ya Udaahhhhh... Hello Mr Richardo..

Thanks Ris for always being the caring person that you are, and always making sure my visits are memorable, til it was literally impossible for me NOT to cry when I had to leave for home.

Thanks Farah & Rhani for spending all the wonderful time with us, catching up, meeting your beautiful children. Think this time around I really got to spend time with you guys and I absolutely loved it!!

Thanks Ariyo & Mila, Awang & Nadia, Uncle Slamat and little Azka & Arvand for making our stay a wonderful memory..

I love all of you very very much. Jakarta was a blast. I pray Allah panjangkan umur so that we can plan another trip and meet each other again, InsyaAllah..


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