Friday, August 06, 2004

What a week..

I have been so occupied this whole week. It's good cause it kept me busy but I feel extremely exhausted physiclly and mentally.

Yesterday I went for an interview which was a disaster.. The company was hiring a Safety, Health and Environment Officer. Athough I have the qualifications to be an Environmental Officer, I dont have what it takes to become a Health and Safety Officer as I dont have the right certs to be one.. However, nowadays you cant just be an Environment Officer without being a Safety and Health Officer so there goes my chances of working in the field...

What made the interview horrendous was that the interviewers thought that since they worked for "the biggest and best" company in the world they are entitled to belittle a person. I realize that I had applied for the job while I was less qualified but if they didnt think I fit the criterias WHY did they call me in for the interview in the first place?

After telling the interviewers that I only wanted a minimal increment from my current pay as a result of not having enough experience in the Health and Safety field, one of them sarcastically blurted out "Oh, tahu pun experience tak cukup!!".

Eh.. kalau tak puas hati sangat dengan aku just tell me straight lah yang you dont want me to work for you, dont make it look as if I was DYING for the job..

So after that interview, I sort of decided that for the time being may be I shall stay in the NGO field for some time. At least they dont treat me like dirt when I dont know something..

Have a great weekend..


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