Wednesday, July 13, 2005

delayed telecast..

Some time back I went through a tough time deciding whether we should go to Umrah or not due to our financial standings. I had a small argument with my husband concerning our commitments and going to umrah and decided that we shouldn't be going to Umrah. At that point he told me not to be negative and think positive because "I am confident we can save next year".

Tiba-tiba, I hear "I am concerned about spending our savings on Umrah" from him today.. OOOIIIII hari tu kan I dah cakap tapi you tak dengar ke?!!!!!!

I have gotten over it. I have spoken to his entire family and mine as well, and everybody thinks that we should go nonetheless. InsyaAllah there will be more rezeki for us. NOW, I have to go through this again?

Ah well here we go again..Now its going to look as if I am the one who wants to "empty" out our savings..

Talk about delayed telecast.. I suppose it just hit him..


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