Monday, July 11, 2005

Party on!!

Oh boy.. another party is on the way..

Since I have been married we have at least 2 parties a month.

Next Saturday my inlaws will be celebrating 45 years of marriage. A wonderful achievement nowadays given that these days when men have a title or are a bit higher placed in the society, they often have failed marriages or have just added on their quotas with young ladies the age of their daughters.

My dear parent-inlaws have been in love since their childhood. I am sure they have gone through lots of troubles with 5 children and working for the king and all, but their love and perserverence has helped them survive these modern day problems that break marriages by upholding their love for one another.

I know that my mother-inlaw's faith in the religion has really helped save and strenghten her marriage and her family. She is also a woman of patience and sweetness.

Even my husband thinks that he has learnt to be a good husband / person from her example. Alhamdulillah..

My father-inlaw is a person who is kind hearted and always helpful. A trait I see in all his children and grandchildren.

I for one am blessed to be given this oppurtunity to feel the love from my inlaws like a "normal" set of parents since having a complete set of parents to go home to is a bit alien in my fanily..

I think that even my husband's sibling's spouses feel the same way I do about my inlaws.


On another happy note 2 lovely princesses are a year older today.

Miss Najla Darwishah is 11 today.

Miss Khaira Nafisa Mohd. Fuad is 1 today.

AND little Miss Zedrene Zuhairah Zamanhuri will be 4 tomorrow.

Happy birthday dearies!!


To Babah and Mama, thank you for being there during our saddest and happiest times. Thank you for the support and advice. Thank you for accepting me the way I am and thank you for loving me like one of your own.

May your love be as deep as the ocean and your troubles be as light as its foam..

May Allah bless the both you with health, wealth and happiness for as long as you live.

We both love you with all our hearts.. even Yoba.

Happy 45th Anniversary.


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