Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An ending and a beginning

Today marks the day I have dreaded for the past few months.. the day my "right-hand" woman a.k.a my maid, Mar, goes home for good.

She's been with us since 2004 and has cared for me and my family, actually the whole family (my inlaws). But the most important years was those with Syakirah.

She took excellent care of Syakirah. Bathing, feeding, playing, putting Syakirah to sleep and nursing her back to health when she was sick.

As a first time mother and a person who had no clue on how to care for babies and a young child, Mar taught me valuable tips in caring and raising children.

I cant help but feel very sad. Maybe she has pampered me all these years. But actually more for my beloved Kiki.

I could already see the sadness in her eyes this morning when she woke up and did not get to see her Kak Mar.. She had a worried look on her face and tears rolled down her cheeks. I know and feel her pain. We both truly depended on Kak Mar.

Mar, wherever you are, thank you for everything you have done for us. Hopefully, kalau ada rezeki, after you have settled your kids and life back in Indonesia, you will be able to come back and live with us again.

As the chapter with Mar ends, today also marks the beginning of another chapter in my life as a "full-time" mum. No dont worry, I havent stopped work, but on Medical Leave waiting for the arrival of my little boy, InsyaAllah.

All I hope is that Allah will find me a great help, similar to Mar, to help me care and raise Kiki and the new baby..


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