Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Direct Sales

I wonder if anyone has been approached by direct level marketers as many times as they have approached me. I suppose I would need to carry a sign that says "I am not interested"to stop people from approaching me.. I know they mean well but I have no interest and skills in this area.

Some of those that have approached me have great systems but let me tell you the registration fees to join these things are a killer! I know that you have to put in some capital i.e. invest to reep the benefits later but I have close to zero skills and interest in forcing or pestering someone to join in via me asking them. Its almost like forcing them to do it and they would need to oblige because you are a friend.

I dont like the idea that later they wouldnt want to meet up for fears I might want to promote another MLM idea..

Although I have been approached many times, I have yet to acquire the skills to say NO I'M NOT INTERESTED..

It all sounds good that you can reep the benefits by just giving a head start and letting everyone carry on after you but everyone has already joined the race so wouldnt you be redundant?


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