Monday, July 18, 2005

Hectic weekend..

The weekend was hectic :-( but extremely fun :-)

Friday 150705

It started off in the morning, I took leave to help Yong prepare the power point presentation for the dinner. We worked all day and took a break for pocho-pocho practise. I got a little drowsy after taking the cough medicine and took a 1hour nap before we started doing the presentation again. We stopped at 2am only because we couldnt even click on the right buttons anymore..

Saturday 160705

We were at Yong's again in the morning to go for rehearsal at Concorde Shah Alam. Babah didn't know we were going there. We told him that we were off to look for a new shirt for the dinner.

All Zairul's siblings and Najee arrived for the rehearsal. I tested the LCD Projector and Alhamdulillah everything worked. BY the time we were done, it was 5pm.

Zairul and I arrived home at 6pm and left Kelana Jaya at 7pm.

I straight away prepared to assemble all the equipment for the video show but to my horror the LCD projector showed a green screen instead of the normal blue. Eda and Zairul tried to help and in the end Zairul passed me the cake box on the table and we selitkan the box under the cable.. and it worked!! Now we just had to pray that the box stayed there throughout the party.

Alhamdulillah the party went really well.. Although I must say I was equally as nervous as the performers because I didnt want to stuff up the video show!!

My inlaws were mesmerised by all our performances. As Babah put it he was in a daze especially when Neena and Piah sang "Yesterday Once More" and when Yong sang "Kaulah Segalanya" accompanied by Yad on violins, Kashfi on electric guitar, Najee on drums, Faizal on bass guitar and Ayie and Zaman on keyboards.

The night ended with a fun dance called "pocho-pocho". All those who had attended the classes before the dinner were itching to dance and no matter how cramped the dance floor was we all managed to fit in, and to add to the fun, even our dance instructor was dancing with us!! Eda was the best student - she danced right from the start to the end!!

The night ended at around 3am with lots of stories to share the next day..

Sunday 170705

We were so tired.. We only got up at 12pm. Then we went straight to see our new house. The house is almost ready and Zairul and I are really excited to see it.

After that we went to Yong's to have lunch and meet up with Chip who had just returned from Umrah. Yet another party..

Later that evening, Zairul went to a tahlil for a friend's brother who died last Thursday of a heart failure at 29. Innallillahhi wa innailahirojiun..

I stayed home and watched 3 episodes of CSI..

Finally the weekend came to an end..


To Najah and Fische, Congratulations on the news!! May Allah look after your baby and keep it safe in it's mummy's tummy.. :-)


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