Monday, October 31, 2005

Umrah 2005

Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wishes to go for our Umrah.

On 4 October 2005, during a wonderful lunch at Thaya's house with Adelaine and Jenny, Zairul called to say that our filght to Jeddah was confirmed. I was ecstatic. Alina was in tears, Zairul could't play golf and Shamsul had no mood to work anymore that day. It was definitely a day to celebrate and this trip will be a trip to remember.

It was..

5 October 2005 - Buka with Family
6 October 2005 - KL - Jeddah - Madinah
7 - 8 October 2005 - Madinah
9 October 2005 - Madinah - Makkah
10 - 15 October 2005 - Makkah
16 October 2005 - Makkah - KL
17 October 2005 - KL

For the whole week after that, both Zairul and I were sick. We were down with the flu and fever. We were severely jetlagged and fatigued. I got over it quickly as I couldnt fast but Zairul carried on to the next week.

I hope many more Muslims get to go for this really rewarding trip. I must say that I was trully blessed to get to experience Umrah with Zairul.

InsyaAllah Allah will grant us our wishes. As for me, I think Alhamdulillah He has already granted one of my biggest wish... to see the Kaabah with my own eyes.



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