Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Birthdays and Anniversaries

HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY Kakak and Abang..
Congratulations for surviving it all these years..

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY Ella and Nash,
May Allah bless you 30 times more all year long..


I hope I will be able to achieve what my sister and her husband have achieved. I can bet that it wasnt easy to get there.. But they stuck with each other through thick and thin..


Day 3

My dear rock is still a big boulder.. He still doesnt want to talk to me. I sure dont feel like trying to talk him out of it and I dont think he wants to do it either.

So it goes on.. He keeps quiet and I keep feeling hurt and keep thinking about it.
I really miss him. Even though he's around, it's not the same when he "crawls" into his cave.

I remember reading the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" dating book sometime back when I was single, the book said that when a man crawls into his cave, leave him there and wait until he comes out of it on his own.. Oh Boy I wonder how long this "visit" to the cave will take..

Sayang, if you ever read this, please know that it hurts when you go into your cave and leave me alone outside wondering if you are okay or if I did something wrong to send you in there. I feel helpless. I cant help you or be there for you when you do that. I wish you could bring yourself to come to me or talk to me if you had any problems or worries on your mind.

Remember, I married you because I love you and for who you are. I would never judge you otherwise.


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