Monday, August 01, 2005

Little miracles called Unyil and Ceiling

Yesterday Zaman came over to pick up his cousin Kamarul to help save a little kitty who was stuck in Zaman's ceiling. The kitten has been up there for 5 days without food or water after it's mother abandoned it.

Yesterday afternoon Zaman and Kamarul tried to save it but it was in vain. They didnt manage to get the kitten out because it was too far in and would go further in when it saw Kamarul.

However, the kitten's cries proved unbearable to Zaman. Upon returning to his house from ours after dinner, he broke the ceiling and pulled the little kitty out. He told us that the kitten was so frightened that it was almost standing at the wall trying to get away. But as soon as Zaman caught him he climbed all over Zaman and meowed really loudly.

After that, Zaman gave the cat diluted condensed milk just to give it something to keep it quiet for the mean time.

At 1230am Zaman called me and told me to get any mother cat ready as he was bringing the kitten over immediately.

I raised Unyil when she was a sickly kitten 3 years ago. She would answer when I called but she has always been a timid cat but a wonderful mother. When the kitten, whom we now call Ceiling, arrived, we put him close to her. Initially she was a little reluctant but after pesturing her and talking to her, (and saying lots of prayers), she did a meow thing to call the kitten and started to lick the kitten.

At that point I knew Allah had blessed us and the kitten. Immediately Unyil started to position herself as if wanting to point the kitten the right way to her nipples. I put Ceiling near Unyil and guided Ceiling to Unyil's nipples. Unyil almost immeidately hugged and licked Ceiling somemore.

Zaman, Zairul and I were so touched and in awe in the miracle that we witnessed. I use to do this kind of thing when I was younger, and somehow by helping Zaman and Ceiling last night it made me realise how much I still enjoy doing it.

To little Ceiling, welcome to our home. We hope you'll love your new mum just as we love her.. Meow!!


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