Friday, August 12, 2005

Love for the family

Here's a summary on what has happened to the family in the last 2 weeks:

1. Abang had chest pains on Saturday 6 August 2005 and was admitted to UH at 2am. Abang will be going for a triple bypass on Saturday 13 August 2005.
2. Makcik Limah's kidneys are failing and she would have to go for dialysis
3. Kak Diana's Father in-law had a stroke on Thursday 4 August 2005.
4. Babah Zairul took an overdose of ubat cirit and went into this "junkie" mode which we thought was a stroke. I panicked. Called all Zairul's siblings.
5. I went to Dr. Johari for another consultation - turns out I have Bronchitis. Not too good considering the haze.
6. A kitten died. Thanks to me. I went over it on Friday 5 August 2005. It was one of Unyil's sickly kitten. I can never forget it!!!
7. I went to meet Dr. Kulenthran at UH last week and yesterday and he found NOTHING wrong with me. Yes my uters is introverted but it will heal when I get pregnant again. I DONT have Endometriosis. I have Cervical Incompetence. But Alhamdulillah no operation needed.
8. Got my long overdue scaling doen at the dentist amidst the horrible haze.

Ya Allah, thank you for my family. Lindungilah kami, panjangkan umur and sihatkan kami. Amin.


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