Friday, September 16, 2005

test after test after test

My patience is running thin..
My heart, at times, feels like it's being stabbed..

1. A friend's wife is pregnant and some "man" is not exactly being sensitive to my feelings about it.. It was first told to me as as-a-matter-of-fact kind of thing and the next day I was told of how old the pregnancy is.. I am still hurting.. I know it but some people dont seem to empathise with me..

2. A shocker with my Umrah trip.. my flights are not confirmed.. I'm sad but all I can do now is wait and pray it's all settled soon..

3. A dear friend had a scare with some spotting and was relieved to find out that it was due to stress.. but was really sad to find out that she was not pregnant.. I know the feeling dear..

4. I had to "tell" on a colleagues slacking work and this may affect her confirmation next month.. I feel really terrible..

5. I miss my boys..

6. I miss Zairul..



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