Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The month that was..

I have been really busy for the past month..


1. Our Umrah trip has been confirmed for 28 September 2005. Insya Allah Zairul, Shamsul, Alina and I will be going for Umrah on Saudi Air.

2. Ayie needs help. I hope Allah will help him during his troubled times.

3. I started my quilt. Cant stop thinking about what it will look like when it is completed.

4. Yoba has a bald patch.

5. We have just bought a new Punto in place of my beloved Honda..

6. Attended Hibat's wedding, a Sri Inai friend, who turned out to be a childhood friend. Met Aunty Margaret at the wedding and Shahar's brother Hassan. Dont think Shahar is married yet?

7. Work is interesting. I feel like i'm worth something now that I have a million things to do.

8. Uncle Zali finally called me after a long while.

Alhamdulillah all is going smoothly. I like it.. :-)


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