Monday, July 25, 2005

Supportive or not..

Zairul returned from his old boys weekend meet in Kuala Kangsar last night. I was ecstatic and thankful that he had arrived safely after a tiring day and a 2 hour drive back.

However, from what I experienced last night, I dont think it was the same for him..

There wasnt a smile, a kiss or a hug (a sign that a spouse missed the other) that greeted me when he walked through the door. Instead what I got was a smirk. The kind of look that said " I'm tired, I don't want to talk and I'm irritated". Fine..

I just asked him if he needed help to carry stuff in and I went straight upstairs fearing that my presencec there would make him even grouchier than he already was. I left him to carry on with whatever he wanted to do.

Deep down inside though I felt a little sad that I didnt get to see his smile and get a great hug from him which I missed all weekend long..

Upstairs, I guess, he tried to make up for it by presenting me with a t-shirt he had gotten me. He also showed me a shirt which he had bought for himself. I thanked him and continued doing my own thing. Thats when he started talking about these rings that his Old Boys Association had made.

At that point, seeing that he had already spent a lot of money on the merchandise he had just shown me, I just said "cukup-cukuplah tu..". As in maybe the ring is unnecessary, he immediately put on this " I'm pissed" look and said "TAK SUPPORTIVE LANGSUNG" and stormed away looking hurt..

I was stunned. Not supportive he says??!!! Wanna bet!! Shall I list down the many times I was? If I did would you acknowledge that I was supportive? I dont think so..

I waited up. I prayed that he would arrive home safely. I never said a word about him going to this meet and about him not inviting me to go along.

On Friday night after my office dinner which he attended, we had to go home early because he had to pack and rest for the trip. I helped him pack as well..

We had this office dinner but I arrived late. Why? Because he arrived home at 8pm after sending his car to the car wash. Dinner started at 730pm and we arrived there at 9pm. But I couldnt get upset. I wanted him to come. Get upset and he'll not go to the dinner, Keep quiet and he'll take his own sweet time. I never do that!!!

But you see this is it with guys.. We women try our best to please them but it's never enough.

Men - Cant live with them, cant live without them


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