Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Rock turned boulder

Day 2

He still hasn't said a word to me. He refuses to talk to me, have dinner with me or even be in the same room with me. Gosh!! this is really tiring.

I love him very much but at times like these I wonder whether I have enough patience to keep quiet anymore. If I were to say something during this "rock" period, he will never ever come out of the "cave" that he is in right now.

I feel really frustrated. If he has trouble at work, can't he just tell me instead of treating me like this? Well I suppose its easier for a husband to do this to the wife because she has to submit herself to the husband and has to accept his ways no matter what. But they wont ever do it to their friends because they are afraid of loosing the friendship. I think in a guy's life, friends are more important than the spouse.

He did mention once that he has no best friends as he doesnt like to group his friends that way. I was sad because he doesnt even consider me as one of his closest confidants. I am just a wife.

Right now I feel like a kid, trying to win the "friendship" of someone. It's tiring and its irritating. If I did or said something wrong tell me, I cant figure it out. I have been trying to think of what I said or did that has made him turn to this boulder that he is but I cant seem to find out where or which part!!

Ya Allah give me patience to face this..


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